Welcome to SCOTTDUCKETT.COM and SD Photography.

Capturing the moment, the image that defines the event or environment is what we always strive to do. To be the observer with the responsibility of bringing the best out of each client, making them share and believe in the same vision. To have their confidence placed within the setting is a responsibility to be respected.

The true beauty of photography is its open interpretation. Just as every eye is unique to be viewed, intern ever view from those eyes is also unique.

Availability is spread across most genres. All enquiries are happily reviewed and quoted for. From Fashion/Fitness shoots to weddings and landscape and portrait commissions. With the more unusual and bespoke the better. If you are looking for help to build your portfolio then please do get in touch as we fully appreciate that everyone needs to obtain favours and perform a little time for time exercise along their way in order to get started. That can be all too easily forgotten but not here. Everyone, regardless of what they are doing has to start somewhere.

Just get in touch here, email: scottduckett@outlook.com or Instagram: @sdphotographycom